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  1. The Leisler - Polhemus connection -- Much has been talked about this. Is there any proof that Rev. Johannes Theodorus Polhemius's mother was a Leisler?

  2. Why are there so many name variations for the Conover family?

  3. What is the correct spelling for the Rapalje family? I have seen many spelling variations including Rapalje, Rapelje, Rapelye, Rappelyea.

  4. I am looking for conformation that Mary E. PAULHAMUS b. 1840 daughter of Samuel (PAULHAMUS) POLHEMIUS b. 1794 & Catherine ? is the wife of David Hyde (SCHEEL) SHALE b. 4 Mar 1837 d. 24 Feb 1909; son of Friedrich Ferdinand (SCHEEL) SHALE b. 16 Dec 1810 d. 4 Mar 1880 and Barbara (HEYD) HYDE b. 20 Nov 1815 d. 26 Dec 1893.
    David is listed with a wife Mary Elizabeth PAULHAMUS b. 20 Nov 1840 d. 11 Dec 1916. -- Kevin Sholder

  5. I'm looking for a Geesje Polhemus who lived in the Gravesend, Long Island area and married William Golder in 1706. Do you have any leads on Polhemus family members other than in Flatbush?
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  6. Believe g-g-grandfather, John Polhemus arrived ca 1800 in Southwest OH, m. Sarah Thomson and raised family in Clark Co. including my great grandma, Sarah Ann till he died between 1840 and 1850. That area seems to have been destination for several families from Rev. War Hunterdon Co. NJ families including William Hart, also a g-g-grandfather. I am looking for a connection of this John Polhemus as possible son of Capt. John who m. a Hart and had a son, John. Any info helpful.
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  7. My great grandmother Wilson's name was Sarah Polhemus. I am searching for:
    Sarah Polhemus born 1826 Pennsylvania married 1842 in (?) Thomas Elwood Wilson born 10 July 1819 in New Jersey. Thomas died 20 November 1900 in DeWitt, Clinton County, Iowa. Sarah died in Dawson County, Nebraska. Their son, Evan Thomas, was born 4 March 1845, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. Other children are: Elizabeth Ann, Anna, Jonathan Wesley, Lucy E, Martha Matilde, Lorenzo Emmi, and William Pearson. The older siblings were born in Pennsylvania, the younger ones in Clinton County, IA. Contact buss@zianet.com to contribute any information for this query.

  8. I discovered my Great Grandfather in the 1850 census for Bureau County, Illinois. Information before that time I have not been able to turn up anything of substance. My Aunt in her early nineties says that she remember her Grandfather saying something that he was orphaned at an early age. He was born in New York State in 1825. That is all the information I have on him in the pre-1850 years. In 1850, Augustus Polhamus was listed as a farm hand with a family in Walnut Twsp, Bureau County, Illinois. He married Laura Ann Hodges on 3 May 1857. She was born in Ohio in 1842. They had 3 children while in Bureau County, Ill. The order of births was Harriet 1858, Albert Frank in 1861, and Charles born in 1863. The family moved to central Iowa prior to 1870.
    As far as Charles Polhamus the most up to date information I have comes from the 14th Census 1920, Malaka Township, Jasper County, Iowa, Sheet 4B taken 12th and 13th of January 1920. He was married to Luisa, date unk, parents unk. They had 6 sons ranging in age at that time from 23 to 3 years.
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  9. I. Harriet Everette

    __A. James R. Polhemus m. Margaret E. (?) Polhemus

    ____1. Jill Polhemus

    ____2. Judy Polhemus

    ____3. John Burroughs Polhemus

    ______a. JC Polhemus

    Great Grandmothers name was Harriet Everette (sp?) who as I understand was very active with The Girl Scouts. Grandfather was James R. Polhemus, Grandmother Margaret E. (?) Polhemus, and their children are Jill Polhemus, Judy Polhemus (I think all were born in Pittsburgh or that area) and my father John Burroughs (sp?) Polhemus born in Bethel, PA. My two aunts may have been born in Bethel as well, but most likely Pittsburgh. I appreciate any help finding more information.

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  10. Posted: 31 Oct 2002

    In all your research of the Polhemus/Polhamus family, have you ever run across John Polhamus in NJ who was married to a Polly Luvin. The one son we know of was Abraham Polhamus, b. 1814. He married Jane Gould Fennell in Warren, NJ, on Jan. 1, 1838. Abraham moved to Scranton, PA, and then to Frederick Co., VA, after the Civil War. (Children's names: George, Asheil, Theodore, William, Abraham, Wadey, Maynard, Selden, John, Albert, Addie, Ann, and Juliett.) My family has been trying for years to find out who John's father and mother were....and how we are connected to the ancestor Rev. Johannes Theodorus Polhemus. Contact the webmaster of this site to contribute any information for this query.

  11. Posted: 2 Nov 2002

    My great grandfather's full name is Henry Leonard Polhamus born around 1902 and passed away in 1977. He was apparently originally from Ohio. My great grandmother's name is Lillian Race (maiden name) Polhamus born in the early 19-teens and passed away, I believe in 1993 or 94. They are both buried in Binghamton, NY, and they lived in and around that area for their whole lives, I believe. They had tweleve children together, my grandfather being somewhere in the middle. His name is Robert Leonard Polhamus, Sr. He married Helene MacCleod (maiden name) Polhamus. They had six boys, my father being the second oldest. I guess my great grandmother, from what I have always been told, was one half Native American. Any information on who Henry Leonard Polhamus's parents were would be appreciated.
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  12. I am pursuing a Peter who married Polly Sherman, and their daughter, Polly Minerva who in turn married a William Henry Snyder. I would like more information about the Perhamus lineage and also information about Polly Sherman.
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  13. Posted: 5 Dec 2002
    I am looking for the parents of Sarah Polhemus, b. 1787 in (Monmouth Co.?), New Jersey. She married John (James?) Lake of New Jersey and they had the following children, all born in NJ:
    Ann Marie Lake, b. 1819, married Henry Van Pelt of Brooklyn, NY. John Polhemus Lake, b. Nov 12, 1820. William Tilden (Tilton?) Lake, b. 1824.
    The family moved to B'klyn, NY, Bet. 1835 - 1846.
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  14. Posted: 6 Jan 2002
    In the 1880 Oakland, Franklin, Iowa census is listed the following family named Polhernus.
    I believe Francis and Lizzie are married. I also believe Francis is my ggrandfathers brother. The spelling of the name in the census could be a missprint of the Polhemus name. Lizzie is listed as a daughter and Francis is listed as a son-in-law. Contact Blair Rice with any questions or to contribute any information for this query.
  15. Posted: 12 Jan 2003
    My great-greatgrandfather was Maurice Polhamus who was born in Battle Creek, MI in 1840. His father died in 1848 and the family moved to upstate NY (~Ledyard, NY?) to be with his mother's family. I am looking for any information on who his parents were as well as if he had any siblings. Any help would be much appreciated!! Thanks! V. Tatko
  16. Posted: 12 Dec 2003
    Looking for help on confirming Able B. Polhemus married Altha (Rose) Mathison (b. Feb 1844 in NY - died 19 May 1918). Able / Abel died young and Altha married William F. Dusenbury on 10 Feb 1867 in Watertown, Clinton Co., Michigan. Leonard Cade
  17. Posted: 8 Apr 2006
    I would like to know more about a Lillian B. Polhemus who lived in Glendale, California. She wrote a book named "Goodbye Gypsy: Living With the Gypsies of Spain." I knew her only as a small child and I was named after her.
    I don't know if her maiden name is Polhemus or whether it is Firestone. I would like to know more about her life. Lillian Chang-Harmon.
  18. Posted: 4 Nov 2006
    I am looking for information concerning ELIZABETH PAULHAMUS MYRTER, born 1820, died 1851, in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, wife of Martin Myrter, b. 1814 in the Parish of Drummon, Ireland, died 9-4-1864, in Clearfield County, having emigrated through the Port of Philadelphia 5-12-1833. Loretta Myrter.
  19. Posted: 26 Nov 2007
    I am a direct descendant of Johanne T. Polhemus. My father and his twin brother were born Polhemus; but somewhere along the way their names were changed to Davis. My fathers name is Robert Harrison Polhemus. His twin brother is Garrett Lamar Polhemus. They were born Oct. 3, 1936. Any info would mean the world to me... Thank you. Elizabeth Polhemus-Davis.
  20. Posted: 27 Feb 2008
    Looking for parents of Eldred Polhamus, born 1820-21, lived in Esopus, NY most of his life. On the 1850 census in Esopus, at the same time there was an Eldred in NYC. Married Clara Relyea, children were John, David, Henrietta, Selina.
    I am assuming a relationship with earlier Eldred, ancestor of the NYC Eldred. The first Eldred has 3 named children in this and other genealogies, but more people listed in 1790 census. Judi Van Riper.

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